Langugae Transliterate

This is my first contribution to RadiantCMS.

I was going through google and found a wonderful feature called Language Transliterate Indic.

We can script it in English and find the automatic translation into the desired language. This amazing api inspired to have a similar feature for Radiant.There are instances where a blog post or an announcement in local langugaes are made. It might not be necessary that every key borad supports all the keys in the language or every person who blogs need not search for the key combinations.

When such cases occur I think  this extension would be helpful.I have used Google AJAX Language API for this purpose.

This is available in various versions.I have included the JavaScript version for this basic extension.There is also a support for Non-JavaScript environment like flash.

While creating the extensions I had the functionality of calling the functions a specific sequence. For this purpose I have used a library called JConnect,js

This is written by an amazing developer called Prajwala.This script made it alot easier for me to solve the problem.

You can get code here


I hope to come up with more contributions to the open source community very soon.

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