Hello World — My First Android App

Smart phones and mobile applications have become trend setters in the market.. Just going with the wave I have started working with mobile applications for various platforms..

I use emacs as the editor. I do not advocate emacs, I just like it.

I installed required SDK.

Once I’m done with the installation I have moved on to create my first android application.

./android create project  
           --package my.first.helloandroid --activity HelloAndroid
           --target 8  --path <path-to-your-project>/HelloAndroid 

Well here I got struck for a couple minutes about --target which is supposed to the list of
targets present.
./android list targets returned me an empty set.

I started my andriod sdk and adv manager and installed available packages.
After they are installed I could see different versions of platforms in my platforms folder
in my /home/<username>/android-sdk-linux_86/platforms

After installing the packages I could successfully create my first Andriod App.

Since I do not use eclipse I have used the above command to generate the project required folders.
We can find the source at HelloAdroid/src

Once done with writing code in the app, I have used
  ant clean
  ant install
 to get the app running.

For the ant commands to work we need the emulator to be running else
it would anyways prompt the message 😉

I shall keep this you posted as I move ahead with this..

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