Client -> Project <- Developer – A phantasm

Every project has a new learning in terms of technology and relationships which are being built around and over this. Every development team has a unconscious phantasm about the project success.  Even in the agile mode of development there are several Risk mitigation plans emerging and submerging. Can we really channel the  energies involved in making a good client developer relationship? If this is done at what cost? Is that feasible? Who is liable for these action?

Project post-mortem meetings can be very interesting from a spectators perspective.  You get to see  “the good  the bad and the ugly”. Few points which one can constantly hear is “proactive communication”, “Did he seek the solution or did we offer him the solution?”,  “Error prone estimations” and can pen down more.   The most  often term is proactive communication.

Can everything be solved by proactive communication? Well mostly. There may arise a situation where there the nothing infront you makes sense. When you add some sense to it, a reactive situation arises and ultimately there will no almost nil progess. The best thing we can offer is to raise a flag and record the situation to keep track of it.

When you work in distributed teams, please understand the project’s drift.  Do not try to isolate yourself or someone else unless it is really required and that works..

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